Liz Black


Sutherland, Liz Black Alum, USU Project Space, Logan UT, 2018

I am in the dark here, With and Without the Other, Collaboration with Teng Teng, Zhou Quan, UB Galleries, Buffalo NY, 2016,

Parabiosis at the Chongqing Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing China, 2016

Creature-Skin, State University of New York Project Space, 2015

Presence of Touch, Beco Gallery, Kansas City MO, 2014

(D)Construction, Art Sounds, La Esquina, Kansas City MO, 2013

Traveling Morphic Organism, Ironwoods Park, Lawrence KS, 2011

Beco Gallery, Crossroads Arts District, Kansas City, MO, 2011